The best bars with live music in Warsaw

The best bars with live music in Warsaw.

We start from the Old Praga, there are clubs and bars, which operate continuously for several years.

Skład Butelek

Composition bottles founded in 2005, is open from Wednesday to Saturday. Every Thursday evenings are held with live music, playing acoustic, sometimes improvising jazz climates, sometimes the blues tune, sometimes resound Prague and listening to hits to break dance.


Skład Butelek, ul. 11 Listopada 22


It is the biggest club in the backyard of 11 Listopada 22. Held here focused events and rock and alternative music concerts.


Hydrozagadka Club ,  ul. ul. 11 Listopada 22

W Oparach Absurdu

Very atmospheric bar, who we visit Ząbkowska for years. Concerts are held from Friday to Sunday. You’ll hear here ethno-rock music, balkan, rock and swing. If you are hungry you will definitely find something for yourself. The menu is also coffee, tea and desserts.


W Oparach Absurdu, ul. Ząbkowska 6


The club was founded in 2016 in place of the cult CDQ club and operates within the Social Cooperative reverberation.


Pogłos, ul. Burakowska 12


Cult place, which operated continuously since 2002. Place known for its pleasant and unpretentious atmosphere. Regeneration is a four rooms of different characters, as well as a garden with a view of the park Sea Eye. At weekends, the Regeneration held dance parties and concerts. 


Klubokawiarnia Regeneracja, ul. Puławska 61

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