Warsaw’s best flea markets

Bazar na Kole

Warsaw’s best flea markets
If you like to collect objects and you have the eye to things you must visit Warsaw’s flea markets. Go there late afternoon when the sellers close the stands, you can pick up some great bargains.


This place is amazing spot if you look for a uniqe things like old pottery, glass, paitings, posters, carpers and lots vintage objects and other things. 
The place is located in Wola. You can get there from Old town by tram 13 or from city centre by tram 24.  After 25 minutes ride, alight at Dalibora bus stop 
Bazar na Kole, 99 Obozowa Street
 Sundays from 7am to 3pm


Very wide range of goods: food and regional products, new and old furniture, antiques, books, clothing (new, hand made and second hand), cosmetics and other antiques. 
The place is located in Wola’s former stadium. You can get there from Old town by bus 190 or from city centre by bus 171. After 20 minutes ride, alight at PKP Koło bus stop 
Bazar Olimpia, 56/60 Górczewska Street
Open: Sundays from 8am to 3pm