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The best milk bars in Warsaw

A bar mleczny “milk bar” is a Polish form of cantine. They offer relatively cheap but nourishing and tasty food. Usually located in the city centers and open between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. Soup cost: 1 – 1,5 euro. Main course: 2 – 3 euro.

Here my list of the best milk bars in Warsaw:

Bar Bambino, 21 Krucza Street, Śródmieście

The best and most famous milk bar in Warsaw. Everyday big selection of soups, dumplings and pancakes.
I recommend to try soup: Chłodnik, Botwinka, Szczawiowa or Żurek. Prices 4 – 6 zł

Pierogi i żurek z jajkiem w Bar Bambino

Bar mleczny Familijny, 39 Nowy Świat Street, Śródmieście

Draws more tourists and students than any other milk bar is  located on  Warsaw’s most elegant avenue, ul. Nowy Świat.

Bar mleczny Rusałka, 14 Floriańska Street, Praga

Real atmoshere, tasty food and inexpensive. They don’t have dumplings.

Bar mleczny Prasowy, 10/16 Marszałkowska Street, Śródmieście

The cheepest tomato soup in whole country only 2,5 zł. Great dumplings and pancakes with cheese. Famous for hipsters.

Bar mleczny Ząbkowski,  2 Ząbkowska Street, Praga

The best milk bar in Praga. Big selection of polish dishes. Highly recommended to visit while you are hungry in Praga.

Barszcz czerwony z uszkami, pierogi i naleśniki

Bar mleczny Sady, 36 Krasińskiego Street, Żoliborz

Great bar in Żoliborz. Real atmoshere, tasty food and inexpensive. If you lucky you can listen local people playing music inside.


Bar Lotos, 2 Belwederska Street, Mokotów

Best know bar in Mokotów.  Delicious food plus in possibility to buy beer or shots of vodka.


Best Milk Bars in Warsaw. Najlepsze bary mleczne

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