When are Warsaw’s Christmas 2017 lights switched on?

When are Warsaw’s Christmas 2017 lights switched on?

Warsaw has already begun installation of the Christmas illuminations. By the end of November 20 km of streets will be decorated with light decorations.

Christmas illumination assembly began in early November of decoration placed on lampposts. After November 11 will begin assembly of free-standing ornaments. The final element will be mounted light suburbs of Krakow and the Castle Square. Due to the scale (more than 20 km of streets) the work must begin now to the end of November all the trimmings appeared on the streets.

Christmas illumination Warsaw is Poland’s largest and one of the most impressive in Europe. If she had a form of a single chain liczyłaby 680 km in length. The scenery consists of nearly 4.5 million energy-saving eco-diode LED and almost 1,300 decorative items – lantern illumination, overhangs, garlands, light curtains, icicles and freestanding decoration. Energy-efficient LED lights eco-consume 10 times less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Decorations for the capital had brought 60 trucks and 50 employees assembles them.

Illumination of Christmas is not just a decoration. Additional lighting contribute to improving safety. In the time of the shortest days of the year, the deterioration of the visibility of the main streets of the city are also illuminated. Decorations also add charm to the city by encouraging residents and visitors to walk, sometimes in spite of bad weather.

Świąteczna iluminacja

The main axis illumination winter will be the Royal Route – from the Castle Square by the Krakow suburb, New World, and Three Crosses Square Ujazdowskie to the Belvedere. The Collector will also be illuminated Old City, Al. Jerusalem (from the main station to the roundabout Washington, together with the bridge Poniatowski), al. Solidarity (from pl. Banking to pl. Vilnius with Śląsko-Dabrowski), Bank Square, ul. Marshal (from the street. Royal to pl. Of the Constitution, along with the square), ul. Holy Cross (from the roundabout to the UN ul. Marszalkowska), ul. And Mokotowska Street. Market. 

The official inauguration of the illumination is planned for 9 December 2017. Christmas decorations on the streets of Warsaw you will be able to enjoy the first days of February 2018 year. Collector care of Warsaw exercises Municipal Roads and Public Areas Management Board. Designer and contractor is the company Multidekor illumination.

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