Warsaw museums closed due to coronavirus

Warsaw museums closed due to coronavirus

Suspension of activities of cultural and artistic education institutions.

In connection with taking decisive steps to stop the spread of the SARS coronavirus-COV-2 crisis team with the participation of Minister of Culture and National Heritage has decided to temporarily closing from 12 to 25 March 2020. Cultural institutions, concert halls, opera houses, theaters, museums, cinemas and schools, higher education institutions and art schools.

This means that the suspension of the organization of cultural events with the participation of the audience, including concerts, performances, exhibition openings and special events taking place indoors, closing the museums for visitors and the suspension of classes in institutions of art education at all levels.

Ministry of Culture also recommends that cultural institutions and establishments art education appeal any foreign trips related to the implementation of cultural and artistic, in particular the participation in major events with a massive (fairs, exhibitions), and offering scholarships, particularly to countries with a high incidence of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

At the same time the Ministry of Culture invites the directors of institutions to develop assumptions on the organizational unit in a situation of increased epidemiological risk in the functioning of the institutions confirmed messages relevant departments (local authorities and local services sanitary-epidemiological) and recommends that these plans provide implementation only actions necessary to sustain the continuity of institutions.


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