ArtPark 2018

July 10 2018 0

ArtPark 2018. On 4-26 August 2018 we invite you to 11. the edition of the ArtPark cultural event taking place in the park. Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły. Cultural event "ArtPark [...]

SALE Łazienki Park

15 May 2018 0

SALE Łazienki Królewskie - see the most desirable interiors in Poland. The Ballroom, Sala Solomona and, finally, the Dining Room invariably captivate guests of the summer residence of the last king [...]


Theater in Luna. PROGRAM projection

July 17 2018 0

Theater in Luna. Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych and Kino Luna invite you to the projection series titled: "THEATER IN LUNA". TEATROTEKA is a cycle of Polish adaptation of contemporary drama produced by [...]

Chopin Evenings on Okólnik 2018

June 12 2018 0

Chopin Evenings on Okólnik 2018. On Tuesday, 3 on July 2018 will be the inauguration of the 4 series. Chopin Evenings on Okólnik - Polish Music "In the circle of Fryderyk [...]

In the open air

Summer cinema Elle in Nowa Fala

July 20 2018 0

Summer cinema Elle in Nowa Fala. ELLE Polska, Docs Against Gravity and Przystan Nowa Fala invite you to a cycle of evenings with the best-known documentary films about fashion in recent years - in [...]

Summer Cinema Avanti & LOGO at EMPARK

June 18 2018 0

Summer Cinema Avanti & LOGO. On Wednesday, XUMUM June, EMPARK will host the Summer Cinema Avanti & LOGO. Summer has arrived in the city for good and free time is worth it [...]

2018 season in the Multimedia Fountain Park

April 25 2018 0

2018 season in the Multimedia Fountain Park. The Warsaw picnic will begin with the inauguration of the new show at the Multimedia Fountain Park. "Prince Niedźwiedź" - this is the title of the legend, which in [...]

Film Capital of the Summer of 2018

April 4 2018 0

Film Capital of the Summer of 2018. 26 June 2018 will be the inauguration of the Film Capital of Summer 2018 - 10 weeks of Warsaw outdoor cinemas - 28 locations in Warsaw [...]

News from the city

"Grand Ursynowska" 2018

August 19 2018 0

"Grand Ursynowska" 2018. 9 September will be the seventh edition of the "Wielka Ursynowska" running event. The name does not by accident refer to the "Great Warsaw", because the participants [...]

Kayak in Stolica for free

August 16 2018 0

A kayak in the capital. Fans of canoeing crossings can take advantage of free rafting on the Vistula. There are three routes available. The first one starts at Saska Kępa. [...]

Composters in Warsaw parks

August 2 2018 0

Composters in Warsaw parks. Municipal composters is the latest ecological project of the capital. In eight parks in Warsaw, special places appeared, in which the leaves and mowed [...]

Free kayak rentals in Warsaw

August 2 2018 0

Free kayak rentals in Warsaw are located in two locations: Rafting on the Żerański Canal - the rental is located near Auchan Shopping Center. You can also take it [...]




PERFECT in Sowiński Park

August 20 2018 0

PERFECT in Sowiński Park. Perfect - cult, Polish rock band, existing on the music market since 1980 year. He was already very popular from the very beginning [...]

Michał Urbaniak presents: RADIOSTATIK

August 20 2018 0

Michał Urbaniak presents: RADIOSTATIK. Jazz legend Jazz Urbaniak with the New Music Discovery! RADIOSTATIK is a Polish-American neo-soul band, created in New York by Michał Wróblewski, Polish pianist [...]

Jam outdoor concert in the Picasso Park

August 17 2018 0

Jam outdoor concert in the Picasso Park. Dżem band, one of the oldest Polish rock groups, a farewell summer with Białołęcki Cultural Center! A great outdoor concert of this undisputed legend [...]

Courtyard of Culture: OSJAN

August 12 2018 0

17 August 2018 the legendary band Osjan will perform on the stage of the Courtyard of Culture. Osjan was founded in the autumn of 1971, and it was created by Jacek Ostaszewski, Marek Jackowski (two members of the Anawa group) and Tomasz Hołuj. [...]


Blueberries help to prevent cancer

July 1 2018 0

"Blueberries are the richest source of antioxidants among all fruits and vegetables. They help to prevent cancer, cardiovascular system, regenerate the brain and the nervous system, and help to maintain [...]

Several million eggs contaminated with an antibiotic

June 16 2018 0

Several million eggs contaminated with an antibiotic. The Chief Veterinary Officer informed that the local authorities of the Veterinary Inspection issued an administrative decision ordering the withdrawal from the market of batches of consumer eggs found in [...]

Vegetarian lard

December 30 2017 0

Vegetarian lard Ingredients: 2 glasses of cooked white beans (I peel the beans, but this is not necessary) 2 onions 7 California plums 2 leaves [...]