Where to charge my phone in London

Where to charge my phone in London.

I came to London last weekend with my „european” charger and was in trouble when it came to charge my phone in London. This is impossible to use your direct european plugin in UK, you can do it only you have USB compliant.

Here you have a list of ideas where you can charge your phone with european charger with USB compliant.

  • Find the nearest Caffè Nero and ask or check if they have special plug for your USB 

  • Go to McDonald’s restuarat, order your food and charge your phone

  • Search for ChargeBox at John Lewis or Peter Jones store

    You can recharege, for free, your phone at the ChargeBox installed in John Lewis or Peter Jones store.

    Check the map here: https://chargebox.com/find-a-chargebox/

  • On the way to airport with National Express

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