1 day in Jerusalem what to do?

1 day in Jerusalem what to do?

Here’s everything you should see, eat, and experience during your one day stay in Jerusalem.

Your one day in Jerusalem should consist the old city and the night life, which is completely different from what you see while walking through the streets of the historic city center. As best as you arrive on Thursday, the day before the Sabbath gives you a chance to participate in night life on Thursday and Friday shopping at the Mahane Yehuda.

Jaffa Gate

Everyday at 11:00 am from the Jaffa Gate you can join for a free tour in the old city.
The guides are dressed in red shirts and waiting at the gate half an hour before the start of the walk.

The free guided tour through main streets of old Jerusalem takes 2 hours and depends on personal preferences guide. During the walk there is a break to rest.

Humus Acrmavi

After the walk you can go out for a lunch to Arab bar, which is located in walking distance from Damascus Gate.

In the Humus Acrmavi you will eat the best in Jerusalem, very creamy hummus. The cost of the meal is 22 shekels. 

After a rest you should go back and get to know nooks and crannies of the old Jerusalem. Take your time, spend an afternoon getting lost in the charming streets, sit for a moment and listen to the bustle of the old city.

Places that we recommend:

  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher (open from early morning to 19:00)
  • The Church of St. Anne
  • Via Dolorosa
  • Western Wall
Izhiman’s Coffee and Spices

Izhiman’s Coffee and spices offer you buy a fantastic on-site ground coffee with cardamom (near the Damascus Gate)

and here you can buy zaatar and other amazing spices

At the end of the day it is worth exploring the Mahane  YehudaDuring the day you buy here fresh fruit, vegetables, bread. There is also a cheese, wine, halva, coffee and exotic spices. 

The Shuk in the evening turns into a party center. The shops door are decorated with grafitti by artist Salomon Souza. You can see them all only after the stores closed. 

Mahane Yehuda

For dinner we recommend the restaurant Ishtabach. This dish dough filled with meat or vegetables.  Try the lamb shamburak for 54 shekels. The batter was crispy and the filling was tasty. Definitely worth a try if you want to eat something oriental.


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