CSR Conference. Make a Change : STOP FOOD Waste


CSR Conference. Make a Change : STOP FOOD Waste.

As the students of InterTour program of Vistula University this is our first project and a step towards understanding and controlling the food waste. Come at Warsztat Warszawski in Warsaw on 16th of January and Make a Change with us! 

Why you need to be there? 
Food Waste is one of the most alarming global issues and yes, your meal also affects the world.The quarter of amount of the food that we waste would be enough to resolve the worldwide problem of hunger. We decided to not pass indifferently by it and we want to give you the tools to solve this problem. Our speakers come from different backgrounds and they will show you different perspectives – from solutions tailor-made for your kitchen to clues for the scale of the kitchen in multinational luxury hotel. They will explain inter alia how different institutions for food sharing work, how to cook without any waste or why the products from your fridge can be useful for somebody else even if you don’t think anybody would want them. 

You are changing the reality. Take the responsibility for what you do, what you have, what you eat and what you waste. Come to our event in order to understand the scale of the problem of the food waste better, the consequences and the ways to avoid it.
Make a change with us.
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When: 16 Januray 2018
Place: Warsztat Warszawski, pl. Konstytucji 4

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/247060531?activityReferer=1


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