Walks through the Warsaw ZOO

Walks through the Warsaw ZOO. SUMMER SEASON 2018/

From the 15th of July we invite you to take part in a series of walks around the Warsaw ZOO.
Our volunteers will expect you by the flamingos ring, in front of the entrance from the Ratuszowa street. 
During the walk and together with our volunteers you will learn about the history of the Warsaw Zoological Garden – the first years after its opening on Praga district and difficult times during the german occupation. 
You will also get to know the history of ZOO director mr. Jan Żabiński and his wife Antonina Żabińska – both awarded with the title “Righteous Among the Nations”. 
During the war Jan and Antonina rescued from extermination dozens of fugitives from the ghetto as well as many members of the Polish Underground State persecuted by Gestapo. 
Villa in which the couple gave shelter to Jews and Poles survived till today and is situated inside of the ZOO. 
The second part of our strall we will dedicate to our favourite inhabitants of the ZOO. We will catch up with the gorillas Azizi, Viking and Bwana. We will get to know the story of Erna – one of our elephants, and meet the family of rhinos including the newborn baby rhino. 
Our foreign guests will have a chance to learn about the reintroduction of the european bison in Poland. Warsaw ZOO took an important role in this program. There are many others programs for protection of endangered species in which Warsaw Zoo collaborates and are important mission of this institution. 
Our tour will end up in front of the “Ptasi Azyl” area – Ptasi Azyl is a refuge that takes care, help and rehabilitate birds found on the streets of Warsaw and the Warsaw area. 

We invite all animal enthusiasts, foreigners living in Warsaw, families with children that speak English and all the tourists visiting Warsaw to take part in those events. 

For more information please send us an email to: wolontariat@zoo.waw.pl or call: +48 692 041 019
The next walks will take place on the:

15th of July, 
22nd of July, 
5th of August, 
19th of August and 2nd of September. 

English tours start at 10AM in front of the flamingos area (first ring on the right after entering from Ratuszowa street) 

No previous booking is requested. In order to take part all the participants need to have a valid ticket to the Warsaw ZOO. Actual prices can be consulted on the website: http://zoo.waw.pl/wizyta-w-zoo/wskazowki/cennik.html



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