VeggieWorld Lisbon 2018


VeggieWorld Lisbon 2018.

In April 2018 the first VeggieWorld Lisbon will open its doors. Portugal and Lisbon have recently seen a huge rise in Veganism. More and more restaurants, shops and cafes are opening their vegan doors and allowing Lisbon to become a Veggie-City step by step. That is a great basis for starting VeggieWorld in Lisbon in 2018.

Our venue, The Pátio de Galé is one of the most beautiful and famous locations in the heart of Lisbon, located on the banks of Tejo at Praça do Comércio.

Lisbon Event Opening Times;

Saturday, 28.04.2018 | 10 – 22 h
Sunday, 29.04.2018 | 10 – 18 h

Our exhibitors place importance on organic, sustainable and fairly traded products – in particular from many of the following areas;

Vegan Food
Raw fruit and vegetables, meat substitute products, superfoods, food supplements, health products, vegan desserts, juices & smoothies.

Vegan Cosmetics
Haircare, body care, cosmetic products.

Vegan Fashion
Clothing, shoes, accessories.

Vegan Household
Kitchen products, household products, cleaning agents, detergents/washing powder.

Vegan Work & Travel
Gastronomy, tourism.


Buy Tickets Here

6,00 EUR inkl.VAT

Box Office:
8,00 EUR inkl. VAT for adults.
6,00 EUR inkl. VAT for pupils, students, disabled, seniors

Children up to the age of 14 are free.

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