Top 7 best Vegan Restaurants in Warsaw

Top 7 best Vegan Restaurants in Warsaw.

Vegan foods in Warsaw are in the golden ages in terms of choice, which is surprising considering the Polish cuisine is based on meat. Here is a list of Warsaw’s best vegan restaurants. I’ve visited most of them and highly recommend to try them while you are in Warsaw.

Krowarzywa is a 100% vegan burger place. Each week new seasonal burger of the week offered every week. Krowarzywa serves a great variety of healthy smoothies. The staff is  happy to help with your choices.
ul. Hoża 42 lub Marszałkowska 27/35

Vege Miasto
Vegan Restaurant.
Huge selection of vegan meals. Lunch 20/25 zł. Everyday 3 different soups, pasta, pancakes, tortilla, kofta and local specialites. 
Al. Solidarności 60a

Lokal Vegan Bistro
Vegan bistro with home atmosphere. Traditional Polish dishes but with plant version. 
ul. Krucza 23/31

Veg Deli
Vegan Restaurant. Sophisticated vegan food. Best quality in town.
Business lunch 12:00-16:00.
ul. Radna 14

First place in Warsaw specializing in vegan burritos, tacos and nachos. Try their lunch menu for 21,75 zł which includes a soup , one from 6 different burritos and a glass of homemade lemonade.
ul. Poznańska 16 and corner of Hoża

Loving Hut
Thai and Vietnamese dishes, vegan dim sum and and vegan desserts.
They using gluten to make mock meats such as duck, chicken, prawn and beef. 
Fantastic food for small prices. Order vietnamese specialities you won’t regret.
Al. Jana Pawła II 41a lokal 8 // ul. Waryńskiego 3

Youmiko Vegan Sushi
The best vegan sushi in town. Instead of fish and seafood you have sushi with vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. Try one of three lunch menus offered during the week.
ul. Hoża 62


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