Things to do in Warsaw

Things to do in Warsaw.

Warsaw centrally located in Europe. In the past called Paris of the East, now sometimes compared to Berlin. How is Warsaw now, after massive destruction during the uprisings. Warsaw is not only capital of Poland, is a city of people who lost a lot, remember a lot and built city based on their dreams. 
Read the guide to the best things to do in Warsaw during Summertime.

1. Old Town – badly destroyed during uprising 1944 and meticulously rebuilt by citizens of Warsaw. 

Join to one of Free walking tours or just take a long walk through the Old Town streets and on your way visit St. John’s Archcathedral and neighbouring Church of the Gracious Mother of God. Look at amazingly designed doors by Igor Mitoraj.

2. Fall in love with  żurek, dumplings or duck in beetroots

Zapiecek is great place to start your food experience in Warsaw. This chain restaurant has everything what you need to know about traditional Polish cuisine. From sour rye soup till duck in beetroots.
Milk Bar Bambino – the best spot for cheap local food.

3. Bars by the Vistula river

Every Spring  lots of  bars arise by the river bank. 
You can have a drink and enjoy the view of Praga’s bank of the Vistula from
Try: Cud nad Wisłą

4. Lazy breakfast or bruch

There is lot of great places to have breakfast in Warsaw.

Wrzenie Świata ul. Gałczyńskiego 7
SAM ul. Lipowa 7
Bułkę przez Bibułkę ul. Zgoda 3
Charlotte plac Grzybowski

5. Art galleries and museums

Visit current exhibitions at museums below. If you are lucky join to one of many free guided tours in English, Polish or Russian.
National Museum in Warsaw
Zachęta – National Art Gallery 

6. Buy a piece from local designers

Dom Towarowy Bracia Jabłkowscy,
Mokotowska Street,
TFH Concept,
Safripsi vinatege shop.

7. Polish Dinner

Polska Różana – „Rózana is a cosy, elegant, yet unpretentious place known for its choice of delicate and light meals from the traditional Polish cuisine”.

8. Sophisticated cocktails
So many cocktail so little time. Discover Warsaw’s best cocktail bars.
Coctail Bar Max,
El Koktel,
Kita Koguta,

9. Explore history of Warsaw and Poland

Polin – Museum of History of Polish Jews
Warsaw Rising Museum – is a museum dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944
Royal Łazienki Park with Palace on Island – is the largest park in Warsaw designed in the 17th century by Tylman van Gameren
Mausoleum of Struggle and Martyrdom – museum presents the conditions in which Polish patriots and resistance fighters were jailed by Nazi Germany during World War II
Chopin Museum – museum dedicated to Polish composer Frédéric Chopin

10. Chopin Concerts in the Royal Łazienki Park

Every Sunday from May 15 until September 25 to the Frédéric Chopin monument, at 12.00 and 16.00 hrs. List of concerts here – clik

11. Flea Market

Koło Flea Market or OLIMPIA – every Sunday open from early morning till afternoon.

12. Check out the best restaurants to eat vegetarian and vegan food in Warsaw

Must visit KROWARZYWA (alive cow) or one of many new vegan bars.
List of the best vegan places in Warsaw here

13. Parks and BUW Garden on Rooftop

Visit one of many beautiful parks and garden in Warsaw.
The Royal Łazienki Park
The Saxon Garden
The University of Warsaw Library garden (BUW) ul. Dobra 56/66


36 Hours in Warsaw Poland


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