Things to do in Warsaw this weekend: 10-11 June 2017

Things to do in Warsaw this weekend: 10-11 June 2017.

What, where and when in Warsaw. Events, meetings, concerts, exhibitions, what to do, where to go, how to spend free time in the capital of Poland.

All weekend

Picnic „Warsaw Days – my city, my home”
Link to event

International Wushu Championship 
Link to event

Ursynów Days 2017
Performers: BAJM, T.Love, Bednarek, Golden Life, Feel, Cortes. On stage we will also see Ursynowski Iuvenis Choir and Music Fest winners Ursynow.
Link to event

Bemowo Days  2017
In nine days of concerts, events, competitions, picnics and interesting meetings.
Link to event

15. Bom Dia Brasil Festival
Link to event

Open Academy 2017
Feast of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Link to event

Chinese Film Festival 
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Saturday 10 June

Korea Festival 2017
Link to event

Warsaw Ceramic meeting 
Program: fair of pottery workshops for children and adults, baking in the oven cancer field, an exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture On The Water, concert.
Link to the event , 11:00

Scandinavian Days 2017
Link to the event , 11:00

Croatian Festival
colorful event, prawdziwe- Polish Croatian holiday. That day, the senses of taste, sight and hearing will be taken straight from the pleasures of Croatia.
On two stages will resound live music, performed by several teams of Croatia; PARTENCA mandolin orchestra, children’s choir with soloist Čarčojak Marin Carmelites, guitarist Denisa Ćerića, the young virtuoso accordion – Martin Kutnara from Zagreb and the female team Čuvite from the island of Solta.
Link to wydarznia, 12:00

20th birthday  of Białołęcki Cultural Center
Program: concert of world-renowned jazz musician Jan Garbarek, the second EDIT WEGEŁĘKI – enjoying a very popular family festival dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, a great family picnic białołęckich NGOs Białołęka useful, concerts and Wojtek POGODNO and Mazolewski QUINTET Prime Minister unique performance of Family „LOVE LAS. Ecological fable. ”
Link to the event, 12:00

Wegełęka Festival 
Link to the event, 12:00

Open Zoliborz 2017
in the program: towards LTUR, entertainment, sports, education and something for the palate, modernity and tradition of concerts, shows, fun, games, animations for children and adults.
Link to the event, 12:00

Summer in Bielany
Link to the event , 13:00

Picnic of Ochocian
Program: exhibition, fair and handicrafts works by artists from Ochota, concerts and many other attractions.
Link to the event, 16:00

Concert: Atom String Quartet, the Sinfonia Varsovia and Adam Sztaba
Link to the event, 16:00

Wolska Fiesta
Real Mexican mariachi, salsa workshops disaster and show Lambada are the attractions that will wait on the participants’ Wolska fiestas. ”
Link to the event, 16:00

Music walk through Prague with the team from St. Petersburg Dobranotch
Link to the event, 18:00

H&M Dworzec
The second edition of concerts organized this time under the name H & M station starts June 9, 2017 and will last until the end of the month. On stage gets .: Pezet,   Flirtini , xxanaxx, beard, The Dumplings, Taco Hemingway , this type Mes, Quebonafide.
Link to the event, 19:00

Sunday 11 June

Coffee Festival 
reference to the event, 10:00

Link to the event, 11:00

Walk in the shadow of tower blocks – treasures of South Ursynów 
Link to the event, 11:00

Chopin Concerts in the Royal Łazienki
Link to the event, to 12:00 and 16:00

„Kitchen of immigrants” – Intercultural picnic
Link to the event, 12:00

Guided tour with David Crowley
Event accompanying the exhibition Jarosława Kozakiewicza.
Link to the event, 24:15

Wolski Pageant 2017
Link to the event, 14:00

Year-long review of Andrzej Wajda’s films in cinema Elektronik
projection of the film „Pilate and Others”.
Link to the event, 16:00

National Festival of Early Music
Link to the event, 17:00

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