Silicon Valley through local eyes: Meet Willow Barnosky

Ok, let’s face it: Silicon Valley is full of myths. Well… is it? Our guest, Willow Barnosky, who has lived there for quite some time, will deal with facts/fiction and vocabulary of the area.

You just can’t miss it

This meeting is free of charge, however, registration is required:

Willow Barnosky is a creative and reflective practitioner with over 10 years’ experience teaching ESL and EFL in adult education, community college, and university contexts in the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

Her practice is guided by respect for the cultural context and the autonomy, prior experience, and potential of each learner, whether a first-year university student in an EFL class or an adult ESL learner. While teaching English through the use of authentic language and materials, she encourages students to critically examine and articulate their own perspectives in order to shape the world they live in as global citizens.

In addition to teaching content-based English, she enjoys creating and delivering professional development workshops to educators, collaborating with peers on curriculum design projects, and researching creative writing pedagogy, critical pedagogy, and transformative education.


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