Events in Warsaw Weekend: 24-25 June 2017

Events in Warsaw Weekend: 24-25 June 2017.

What, where and when the Warsaw events, meetings, concerts, exhibitions, what to do, where to go, how to spend free time.

All weekend

Street Art Festival
Link to event

Cactus exhibition the Botanical Garden
Link to event

Open Houses Festival
“During sightseeing walks and accompanying lectures, we present not only valuable architectural buildings, but also the history of the Office of Reconstruction Capital, ordinary residents returning to destroyed city, or artists new creative environment.”
Link to event

Natural Building Festival
Link to event

Warsaw Military Band Festival
Link to event

Gelato Festival
Link to event

The grand opening of the Prague Zoo Market
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Saturday June 24, 2017

Great Picnic: Midsummer on the Vistula
Performers:  OSTR , the duo  xxanaxx creating electronic music and reggae climate audience will take rampant team Vavamuffin . Occurs at the end of the T-Love.
Link to event

“Houses and people” – Skaryszewska Street Festival
Link to the event, 13:00

Walking tour the Royal Łazienki Park
During walking June you will see, among others, Wild Dutch tulips, which is located in the former wodozbiorze as goldfish adorns the Chinese Garden.
Link to the event, 13:30

Dance Party and Presentation of Craftsmen in Mokotów
Link to the event, 15:00

Warsaw Festival Holi
Festival of Colors in Warsaw. Poland Holi Festival is a nationwide edition of doing a furore worldwide festival of colors.
Link to the event, 16:00

Zombie Walk
Odnośnik do wydarzenia, 18:00

Marcin Koszałka. “Then-Now” Polish School of Documentary
Link to the event, 18:00

H&M DWorzec: Brodka Julia Wienie Wieniawa Narkiewicz
Link to the event, 19:00

Folk in Bemowo: Warsaw Dance Combo
Link to the event, 19:00

Concert: “Albo inaczej”
Link to the event, 20:00

Sunday 25 June 2017

Open University of Warsaw invites to KoncertUWki – university, family gatherings and scientific musical.
Link to the event,11:00

Chopin Concerts in the Royal Łazienki
Link to the event, to 12:00 and 16:00

“Hungarian Day” at the Ethnographic Museum
Link to the event, 13:00

Year-long review of Andrzej Wajda’s films in cinema Elektronik
Screening of the film “Promised Land.”
Link to the event, 16:00

Opera “Madame Butterfly”
Link to the event , 18:00

Comedy Club Hotel Asteroid
Space Opera in three scenes on the Playground
link to the event, 20:00

“I, Daniel Blake” Screening at Plac Zabaw
Link to the event , 21:00

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